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There is no one-size-fits-all approach to entrepreneurship, so we are here to provide the best level of service, having the experience to fully understand business processes, product knowledge, and professional customer handling.

We are proud that our company has contributed to many projects since its establishment 20 years ago, and the experience I gained during this period helped me develop the process that all commercial projects must go through, and there is no single rule that applies to all companies, there are some guidelines that I think are the most important:

muafak khader​




General Manager of Liberty International Group.


Emirates Red Crescent Authority

A trusted partner with the Emirates Red Crescent Authority.


Emirates Gate General Trading Group

General Manager of Emirates Gate Group for General Trading.


food supply

A major provider of food products to many ministries, agencies, government departments, and private companies in the United Arab Emirates.



We provide and contribute a variety of products and services to charities


Center for Studies, Development, and Enlightenment in Sharjah

Director-General of the Sharjah Center for Studies, Development, and Enlightenment

current work

Liberty International for Information Technology provides its clients with the most advanced and innovative software that helps to perform business efficiently. We constantly strive to develop our ideas and expertise to improve performance and quality and keep pace with the great development witnessed by the UAE.

Liberty International Media provides world-class media services through a full range of public relations, marketing, production, event planning, talent management, media training, and digital communication, making us the only company in the region that provides this global range of services.

Liberty International Investments focuses on developing diversified investment projects. Our goal is to make high-value investments, incorporating new and innovative approaches, superior management skills, and a high level of expertise.

Liberty Real Estate fulfills all your needs, regardless of whether you are looking to buy, rent, invest or manage real estate units. Providing smart homes aligns with our high standards of quality and our companies follow policies in compliance with health, safety, and environmental standards, ensuring the best service and advice for our clients.

Liberty International Group aims to apply the highest local and international quality standards in all of our projects, as well as pledges to apply market value concepts. Our company plays a prominent role in the development of the local contracting sector, by introducing many important modern techniques and we strive to develop various updated technologies.

Liberty international Group provides delivery services, Import, and export to all parts of the world with the best quality. We work to reach high customer satisfaction by providing the best services and adherence to deadlines. We do this Through a highly qualified team, experienced and specialized in the field of general trade and logistics.

be an expert in media work, we provide training courses in radio, television, press training, and film production. Our vision is to establish and maintain regional leadership and to provide services for exhibiting and collaborating with partners to achieve best international practices.


Practical Experience Overview


Emirates Red Crescent Authority

The Emirates Red Crescent Authority is a voluntary humanitarian organization that plays a supportive role for the official authorities in times of peace and war. It was founded on 01/31/1983 and gained international recognition by joining the International Federation of Red Crescent and Red Cross Societies in 1986.


Lord Group of Companies


Emirates Gate Group for General Trading.


Baniyas Spike Group of Companies.



A major provider of food products to ministries, agencies, government departments, and private companies in the United Arab Emirates.



Director-General of the Center for Studies, Development, and Enlightenment – Sharjah.

The provision of goods to charitable organizations is one of the most important tasks of the company.

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